I currently contribute to a variety of sites in a freelance and editorial capacity. Below please find links to online content:

Current Managing Editor. Most recent articles are specific client requests for campaigns.

Influence & Co:
Ghost writing content for professionals for specific publications.
(Sample Business Article | Sample Tech Article | Sample Health Article)

San Diego Reader:
Theatre reviews.
(Shadowlands | The Music Man Micro Review | Flemming Micro Review | Love and Hours Micro Review)

Lifestyle, Business, Education, and Fashion articles.

The Things:
Entertainment and Lifestyle articles in long list format.

The List:
Entertainment and Beauty articles in long list format.

Past topics include articles on entertainment, beauty, health, parenting, pregnancy, women’s issues, commerce, finance, games, puzzles, and more. Work has appeared on About.com, iVillage, b5media, SocialMoms, and more.